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“This was my first renovation experience.  Needless to say I was nervous, excited and budget conscious.  I like to ask a lot of questions and am all about the details.  Vern was very patient with us as we requested changes and worked through final decisions.  He was responsive to all our requests in a timely manner.  He went out of his way to ensure a postive experience for us by following up with us after each installation to see if we had any questions or concerns.  In doing this he created an enviorment of trust and made the process much easier.  He always kept the lines of communciation open.  The final product, absolutely stunning, and the quality of the work A+!!”

John, San Francisco, CA

"The house was a bit of a nightmare, but Vernon did a great job.  I am pretty nit-picky, and found only a few minor things that needed to be corrected after the job was complete (which is impressive given that it was almost a whole new house by the end).  One great thing about Vernon is that even though his prices are not the lowest, he takes care of the minor details that are not explicitly stated on the SoW without change orders/up-charge.  I know that when Vernon is done with a place, it's ready for tenants to move in.  The first rehab he did leased in under 2 weeks at $25 over what rent comps showed.  The second leased the day it went on the market at $45 over rent comps.
I have been very happy with Vernon's work, and will be using him for a third rehab shortly"

John, Schertz, TX


"Overall it went very well.  Vernon gave a competitive bid, started when he said he would start the project, and he completed the house in the time frame he said it would take.  The house looked nice when finished.  The house was purchased to be a rental unit so we were not looking for a high end remodel however the house still looked very nice when finished while keeping costs under control.  A couple of problems cropped up shortly after his work was completed but he was very good about going back over to the house get those items fixed."


Stephanie, New Braunfels, TX

"He is very responsible, polite, professional, and trustworthy. I would definitely call him again if ever I need his services."




Sandra, San Antonio, TX

"It went well.  Good quality work.  Some time delays but they were dealt with and the work was completed in a timely manner.  Will use again."


Theresa, San Antonio, TX

“I recently use BRC for a single family rehab.  Rehab went well.  It was timely, cost effective, and communication was excellent.  About a month after my tenants moved in, my tenant called on a possible HVAC issue, and BRC was out there the next morning to trouble shoot and resolve.  Thanks!"


Joe, West, TX

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