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How soon can you begin my project?


 This depends on multiple things and we can let you know on an individual basis. Generally, we start jobs about a week after we have a contract in place, but again, this can change depending on many factors. We will agree upon a start date before we start on any project. We will find a date that works for both schedules and get you taken care of


 Are you licensed & insured?


Yes we are. The state of Texas no longer requires General Contractors to be licensed through the state but we are registered through the City of Of San Antonio. Our number is H47119. We carry General Liability and we can always provide a certificate of liability insurance with more detailed information.


What all do your bids include?


It is very important when comparing contractor bids that you compare apples to apples.  Our bids include labor and material. We are a one stop shop that can take care of all your needs. If you already have your materials or have someone you work with that gives you a great deal, just let us know and we can get you a bid that is labor only or just credit you the material on certain items. 

What can you do?


We can do it all! Roof, windows, electrical, fences... the list goes on. We can build a house from scratch and everything inbetween. For a list of our most common service you can click here.


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Do you offer Financing.


Not at this time.  However, we will be offering financing soon.  We are working with a company and will have some financing options in the coming month.



What areas do you service?


We service all of Bexar County. If you are outside of Bexar County we can still work with you depending on our work load.  Give us a call and we can tell you on an individual basis. There may be a travel surcharge.


Can you do commercial and residential?


We are a residential contractor. We are not licenesed to do commercial work.

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Can you give me a price per sq ft so I can have "ball park" pricing?


In order to answer that question we would really need to come to your house and do an estimate. It depends on your taste, preferences and the space we are working with in order to give you a price.  Please give me a call at 210.977.0774 and we would love to schedule a time for your estimate.

Do you handle 203k loan renovations?


Yes we do. We are a Certified 203k Contractor and we enjoy working on renovations with these type loans and are very experienced with how the process works. 



Do you charge for estimates?


Yes we do. It is $65 for us to come to your house and to meet with you at our initial consultation and estimate.  If you decide to work with us further we have a design agreement which will be determined based on the size of your job, if you need architectural blue prints, and if you need/want 3D layouts or renderings. Give us a call at 210.977.0774 to schedule your estimate. 

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How are payments handled?


When we send out our contracts we also will send a payment/draw schedule.  The size of the project will determine how many draws we have. We will agree on a strat date and  the first draw is due before the agreed upon start date. You will always hold on to about 10% until you are satisfied with the work we have done.


What type of payments do you accept?


We accept cash, checks, wires and, for a small fee, credit card payments as well with all major credit cards through Paypal.


What certifications/memberships do you have?


We have our General Liabilty in San Antonio license number H47119. We are also certified lead paint contractor and 203k Certified contractor through 203k Certification. We are also a member of the National Assosiation of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). We are actively involoved in the San Antonio NARI branch.


How long will our bathroom/kitchen be out of service?


If you will be unable to use your bathroom or kitchen we will give several days advance warning. You will have plenty of time to make arrangements. We generally like to minimize the time you are without a kitchen/bathroom.  If you have more than one bathroom, we will always leave at least one bathroom in the house operational so you are not without.

What will you do with the left over materials?


We always order more supplies than are needed for your project, so we are not constantly running back to our suppliers trying to get more materials. Any materials left over are returned to our suppliers for credit. This is not reflected in your project cost. If you would like to keep them we would be happy to sell them to you at our cost.


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Why do I not see workers at my house everyday?


Our crews start a project with ferver to complete the job as fast as possible and still give you the quailty work you expect. We lose money when a project gets delayed, so know we are going as fast as we can. However, sometimes we have to wait for materials to arrive - if the flooring you requested does not come from the factory when it should, we not only are unable to install the flooring but we also may not be able to complete other parts of the project. Such as the custom cabinets because we will need to lay the tile before we can intall the cabinets. If you miss the workmen on the job for two or three days it is because they are waiting for materials, inspectors, or for some other portion of the project to occur before they can proceed. When this happens your project manager will call you to keep you informed.


Why isn't the Project Manager onsight over-seeing the work for the duration of the job?


We would love to have a full-time project manager on every project, however, the added cost would make your project far more expensive. Our workers are some of the best and we hire them for their ability to self motivate and quality control, including our project managers who look after six to ten jobs each. In general, this is about half the industry standard. Even with a lighter load, we cannot watch every worker every moment. We count on our people to do their jobs responsibly and well.

Do you expect me to be home during the entirety of the project?


We do not expect you to be at your home in order to let us in to get the work done. The best thing is to have a lockbox so we can have access to house even when you are unable to be there.  We need flexibilty in our scheduling so we can complete all of our projects in the most effiecient manner. If at anytime you have questions about scheduling please call the office or your project manager and they will be able to answer any of those questions.


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Do you have experience working with investors?


We work with investors all the time.  We have done many flips and also helped investors to get their rental properties to standards for their tennants.  We are the vendor list for Lifestyles Unlimited, SAREIA, and Alamo REIA.  We have also done work with Networth and other investment groups. As well as worked with investors on feesibility for apartments. We can take care of all of your investment needs. Check out some of our testimonials here.


Who pulls the permits for the job, you or me?


We will pull all necessary permits when working on you house.  If we need to pull permits we will let you know and we will also let you know the cost of any permits that will need to be pulled.


Do you have experience working with the Historic districts?


We love working in the Historic Districts. We have done homes on W. Mistletoe, Magnolia, Kings Hwy, Carolina St., Lovera, Locust, Florida St. and many more.  We are very familiar with the restrictions and permits that go along with working in the Historic District and can help you navigate fetting work done in oder to perserve the historic value of your home. Here are the Historic Distrcts wihin the city.

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