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Bathroom with a View...

Who doesn't love the San Antonio skyline? This bathroom remodel allows you to see the skyline with grace and elegance. We had the great honor of working with Industrious Interiors on this high-rise master bathroom. In honor of Black History month we would like to highlight an up and coming, innovative black female taking the design world by storm. Meet Cerissa Douglas with Industrious Interiors.

As a young teen, Cerissa always desired to decorate her space with beautiful and unique things. So much so, she took several creative arts classes, as everything had to be custom, personal to her.

When she went to college she was told by her fellow classmates at Spelman College, that they would like her assistance in decorating their dorm rooms. After majoring in the biology pre-med, then pre-law, she decided to embark upon her true passion, Interior Design.

She began her studies in Interior Design at the Art Institute of Atlanta and from the very moment she sat down in her first design class, Architectural Drafting, she knew then she had found her calling. While in Atlanta she did several freelance projects, as well as, created beautiful painted artwork for her own home. After several years of refinement, she embarked upon a new journey in 2012, Design by Cerissa. In 2014, Cerissa re-branded Design by Cerissa into Address Design. That same year Cerissa became an award winning Designer! Two of her projects won prizes in their respective categories. Cerissa is continually being lead and guided into new territory in her business. She is so excited to see what God has for her in the future! It is her personal desire to ensure that every project she takes on is stellar; beyond her clients’ expectations. Their joy, their excitement, their pleasure, that is her personal definition for success!

Check out more from Cerissa at

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